Wednesday, 12 December 2007


These were fun to draw! And hopefully I've learned something from it too.

HOWEVER, I probably should have put more time into it - there are some parts I just sense are off, and the lines are too scribbly - begone, oh scribbly lines!

I look at other people's drawings, and envy how oh-so-smooooooooth they are....

Then you get my scribbles....blech.

Oh, and here's a drawing I did of Betty - as in "- Boop", not "Ugly -".... (not a copy from a srceenshot, as you can probably tell)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Scribner's Bugs

Here are my first three attempts. I'm finding this one quite tricky, so I'm not really happy with them yet. But I'm going to keep trying.

(For what it's worth, they look slightly better in full-view)

Coal Black and co.

Just some more classic cartoon studies

Friday, 19 October 2007

Linework - first go

John K made an interesting post about the importance of good lines not so long ago, so I had a go at inking some of his work, to see if I had taken on what he'd said (and partly for fun). The results were...well, let me emphasize that this is my FIRST attempt. I'm definitely going to have another go at it.

Here's the original drawings by Mr Kricfalusi.

And here are Miss Schaschke's attempts at inking you can see with this one, the left hand confused me, so being lazy I left it out all together. I wont next time.

Well, at least I didn't leave out any body parts in this one, but the circled parts here just show how lazy and sloppy I was being (egads, look at the state of that arm!!!). And that left pigtail looks weird...should have circled it.

I'd like to add that I did these traditionally, not digitally...I'm not looking for any praise when I say that (why would I?), but I know a lot of people do their "inking" on the computer, and I just don't trust my skills/software/tablet yet to do the same.

I need to tackle these again and be extra focused when I do (I really shouldn't have tried it in the first place if I thought I was going to get lazy about it). I should also go find some artists who do really good inking and study examples of their work, as I don't think I've quite got to grips with the whole think and thin thing yet.

Right, I'm off to try it again!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Bugs study

Study of the Bugs Bunny in the Preston Blair book, with my little annotations as to where I think things look off. Tried to copy how Blair differed in thick/thin lines (probably need to full view it to see). Might try other artists' takes on Bugs later. I also might try to ink some roughs (not mine) to brush up on my linework.

Preston Blair and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit studies

Here are some of my Preston Blair copies...ugh, I hate using that word. Though I suppose it's true enough. Maybe "studies" sounds better...*ponders*

Anyway, I think one of my main recurring problems is that my lines are too sketchy...hopefully I'll get a bit more confident with my lines soon.

They have their errors (especially bottom-right Jerry - left arm is too long, I think), but overall I think they turned out pretty well.

I don't think these are so good, but I think I need to take a better look at them to see where I went wrong exactly - I'm thinking the cranium of the right-hand one is off.

Not bad, but a little inaccurate.
Looks cute, but not a very accurate copy of the original...the ears are far too long, mouth is wrong, the angle is not quite right and the eyes don't look as wide-open as the original.

I need to get back to studying the book, hopefully fixing my mistakes while I'm at it.

While I was at it, I decided to give some of John K's animation lessons a try. Before starting the actual animation, I decided to try drawing the characters. I can't find my drawings of Bosco (or Bosko, however you spell it). but he wasn't much of a problem. For some reason, I had the hardest time trying to draw Oswald right...I think I got there in the end, but here's how it went...

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit...looks pretty easy to draw, right?

Too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, wonky limbs, wrong angles, messed up facial features...the list is endless. It was at this point I was starting to lose it. He looks so simple, but for some reason I couldn't get it right. As you can see, I was also starting to lose interest, judging by the rather half-assed doodles in the corner.
I decided to take it right down to circles and lines to see if that helped, and added a line of action just for good measure.
As good as it's gonna get, I suppose.

And I haven't even started the animation part!

Well, I'll post some more later, hopefully looking better.