Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Scribner's Bugs

Here are my first three attempts. I'm finding this one quite tricky, so I'm not really happy with them yet. But I'm going to keep trying.

(For what it's worth, they look slightly better in full-view)

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JohnK said...


your construction is excellent. You have a real feel for solidity and organic shapes. Your contrasts are also very good. You use your negative spaces well.

I only have 2 minor criticisms.

2 angles are off.

1) Bugs' head should be tilted towrds the dog and slightly down. Yours is straight up.

2) The hole is on an angle in your dwg. I think it is horizontal in the frame.

Good stuff!

Keep going and you will excel for sure!

You should draw from old cartoons on a regular basis and get used to expressions and posing.

Avoid Disney expressions though,. They are too stock oriented and you can box yourself in that way.