Friday, 19 October 2007

Linework - first go

John K made an interesting post about the importance of good lines not so long ago, so I had a go at inking some of his work, to see if I had taken on what he'd said (and partly for fun). The results were...well, let me emphasize that this is my FIRST attempt. I'm definitely going to have another go at it.

Here's the original drawings by Mr Kricfalusi.

And here are Miss Schaschke's attempts at inking you can see with this one, the left hand confused me, so being lazy I left it out all together. I wont next time.

Well, at least I didn't leave out any body parts in this one, but the circled parts here just show how lazy and sloppy I was being (egads, look at the state of that arm!!!). And that left pigtail looks weird...should have circled it.

I'd like to add that I did these traditionally, not digitally...I'm not looking for any praise when I say that (why would I?), but I know a lot of people do their "inking" on the computer, and I just don't trust my skills/software/tablet yet to do the same.

I need to tackle these again and be extra focused when I do (I really shouldn't have tried it in the first place if I thought I was going to get lazy about it). I should also go find some artists who do really good inking and study examples of their work, as I don't think I've quite got to grips with the whole think and thin thing yet.

Right, I'm off to try it again!

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