Wednesday, 23 July 2008

More Jim Smith Clean-ups

This one was already pretty clean (I think i screwed up on the top of the fridge door though >_<)... there was a little note on the original saying "This is great", and I agree!
Tried to fix the arm and bible on this one
Didn't really like how this one tured out -_-
His mouth kinda confused me here. You can really tell the difference between Jim's beautifully drawn right foot and the left, which I had to draw the toes for.
Thought it might be easier to ink if there was a clear distinction between George and his surroundings.... *shrug*

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Jim Smith Clean-up

How's it looking? I tried to skip straight ahead to Illustrator at first, but found that it looked better when I traced it in blue pencil beforehand.

(As you can probably see, I started to draw him with a fez rather than a nightcap - whoops!)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

'Nother George ink

I love the layout drawings of George on John K's blog - I couldn't resist trying to ink one of them.

Y'know, it's amazing the flaws you notice when you post stuff - namely the thin lines for the legs and feet. Bah, there are probably a load more >_<

Sunday, 6 July 2008

George ink, take two!

Crappy take one.

Improved take two!

Here's my second attempt at inking George. Personally I think it looks much better, all thanks to Amir's inking advice (cheers Amir!) - what do you think?

Thursday, 3 July 2008

George ink

This is a drawing of George John K gave to Amir to practice inking (and like the dirty low-down thief I am I swiped it for my own dark purposes)
Here's Amir's inking of it. I made a point not to properly look at his until after I made my own attempt. Look how great his is!! Super contrasting lines, the nice lttle details...and the shoes! Just compare the feet on Amir's George to mine and you'll see what I mean....

This is my attempt.


ARGH!!! It's like I was afraid of thick lines or something. His feet look like... like... I can't even think of a fitting comparisons for those mushy looking things. And he looks pretty mushy overall.

So...more contrast with lines... and better feet. Let's see how the second one turns out.

Oh, and it took me just under an hour to do.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Yet more inking - original artist now known!

Yet more practice. I need it.

I'm pretty sure I know who drew this, but I really don't want to mis-credit


The lovely Katie rice has informed me that the artist behind these great drawings is Jen Martell. Please go look at her other great drawings at
Calamity Jen's Roundup of Doom!

'Nother Sody ink

Did another inking - ties in with previous post.

Again, if you know who drew the original sketch, please tell me so I can credit them ^_^


Belongs to Jen Martell!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Someone else's Sody - inking practice

As mentioned on my other blog, I got a new Wacom Intuos3 tablet. A vast improvement on my old one (which is 7 years old or so), I decided to give inking a try (Adode Illustrator).

I would love to give credit to the person who drew the original ....but I don't know who that is! I found it on John K's blog - can anyone tell me who drew it? I can only guess. (Either way, sorry for butchering your drawing)

I'm still not quite used to inking (I've only done my own shitty drawings about three times before), but it helps to have a good drawing to work on! (I really like this person's style)

Any critique, tips on inking or a name to put to the original drawing are more than welcome!


Belongs to Jen Martell!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Bad Catholic Girls 1

Sody doodles

Sody's fun to draw ^_^

I make her way too innocent though. It's not until the very last image that I seem to have attempted any kind of sexiness. It's probably because I keep thinking of the fact her age is meant to be about 15... I have never met a 15 year-old girl like Sody. Or should I say, a 15 year-old with a body like Sody's. Which I suppose makes sense as she's a cartoon girl, but if I was to give her an age judging by the pictures I've seen, it would be 17 at the youngest.

I just have to get that out of my head. She is "cartoon age".

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Story Sketches - The Bomb Shelter

I don't even really know why I'm doing this....

George is happily dreaming of manly things, like wrestling bears -

(yes, that's supposed to be the back of a bear...)

- but his dream is cut short.... the pain of his aching bunion! Not good...

He limps painfully over to the window, suspicions raised, and is shocked by what is outside his window

A squirrel with a most curious and worrying mark on it's back

He twiddles his thumbs anxiously, clearly perturbed.

He decides to take a walk to calm his nerves, but is soon met by more bad omens.

Take heed of the geese!

His worst fears have been confirmed - the Canadians are going to bomb George's beloved US of A!

But George won't be that easy to get rid of!

Sody is ushered in by George - soon to play an important part

Our future Eve 2.0 is told what she must do

Okay, this is the point where I realise I need to practice drawing George and Sody (especially Sody), and actually learn how to draw Jimmy! Poor guy has been omitted so far!

If you've read the original plot outline on John K's pitch blog, you'll realise I took a few "wee" liberties. I quite liked the whole maple leaf theme at first, but now I wonder if it was overkill...

I've found that I really like drawing George, although I was convinced at first that I either wouldn't like drawing him or wouldn't be good at it. I thought, "Sure, drawing Sody or any girl characters would be great....but George?". Now I find myself doodling Georges alongside my usual cute girly drawings. I know a few real life Georges. Working in a rugby club, you'll find a few men that either kinda look like him, or act like him....not completely of course. For a start, you don't find many American Republicans around here, haha. Second, he's a cartoon - naturally, he's exaggerated! But maybe being around these guys can help me better understand him.

To be continued.....