Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Story Sketches - The Bomb Shelter

I don't even really know why I'm doing this....

George is happily dreaming of manly things, like wrestling bears -

(yes, that's supposed to be the back of a bear...)

- but his dream is cut short....

...by the pain of his aching bunion! Not good...

He limps painfully over to the window, suspicions raised, and is shocked by what is outside his window

A squirrel with a most curious and worrying mark on it's back

He twiddles his thumbs anxiously, clearly perturbed.

He decides to take a walk to calm his nerves, but is soon met by more bad omens.

Take heed of the geese!

His worst fears have been confirmed - the Canadians are going to bomb George's beloved US of A!

But George won't be that easy to get rid of!

Sody is ushered in by George - soon to play an important part

Our future Eve 2.0 is told what she must do

Okay, this is the point where I realise I need to practice drawing George and Sody (especially Sody), and actually learn how to draw Jimmy! Poor guy has been omitted so far!

If you've read the original plot outline on John K's pitch blog, you'll realise I took a few "wee" liberties. I quite liked the whole maple leaf theme at first, but now I wonder if it was overkill...

I've found that I really like drawing George, although I was convinced at first that I either wouldn't like drawing him or wouldn't be good at it. I thought, "Sure, drawing Sody or any girl characters would be great....but George?". Now I find myself doodling Georges alongside my usual cute girly drawings. I know a few real life Georges. Working in a rugby club, you'll find a few men that either kinda look like him, or act like him....not completely of course. For a start, you don't find many American Republicans around here, haha. Second, he's a cartoon - naturally, he's exaggerated! But maybe being around these guys can help me better understand him.

To be continued.....

Monday, 5 May 2008

More George Liquor

Grr, just noticed his legs are too long/not bent enough

I hope we get to draw Sody next....

Also, I've started updating my other blog with my own drawings....it's off to a shakey start, but hopefully it'll get better.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Can I Draw a Republican? See for yourself....

Eh, no, not really.

This is more practicing my cartoon construction etc. than it is angling for a job with John K

Well, this lesson has taught me one thing: this guy is a bugger to get right.

Made a right mess of the features - too low on his face and too small.

Hmm, not quite as bad. I had trouble with the back of his head and neck, and I can see here his nose and grin are to high up. Chin is more ...jutty-outy.