Friday, 2 May 2008

Can I Draw a Republican? See for yourself....

Eh, no, not really.

This is more practicing my cartoon construction etc. than it is angling for a job with John K

Well, this lesson has taught me one thing: this guy is a bugger to get right.

Made a right mess of the features - too low on his face and too small.

Hmm, not quite as bad. I had trouble with the back of his head and neck, and I can see here his nose and grin are to high up. Chin is more ...jutty-outy.



JohnK said...

Hi Lynsey

you seem to understand the construction, and that's great!

keep doing what you're doing.

Do you ever put any of your own work up?

what else do you do?

Your pal,


Lynsey said...

Hi John - firstly, thanks for looking! I'll be sure to keep it up.

I haven't put any of my own stuff up yet, but now I've nearly finished with highschool, I'll probably start posting my own doodles.

I'm not too sure what you meant by "what else do you do?" - d'you mean in terms of making a cartoon? 'Cos other than your lessons and my own scribblings, I have zero experience.

JohnK said...

you should put more of your stuff up.
are you studying animation?

Lynsey said...

I will be - I have to do a compulsory year of general art at the university I'm going to this September (in Dundee), then I'm going on to the animation course there.