Saturday, 21 June 2008

Sody doodles

Sody's fun to draw ^_^

I make her way too innocent though. It's not until the very last image that I seem to have attempted any kind of sexiness. It's probably because I keep thinking of the fact her age is meant to be about 15... I have never met a 15 year-old girl like Sody. Or should I say, a 15 year-old with a body like Sody's. Which I suppose makes sense as she's a cartoon girl, but if I was to give her an age judging by the pictures I've seen, it would be 17 at the youngest.

I just have to get that out of my head. She is "cartoon age".


Hammerson said...

Yeah, Sody's fun... and also bloody difficult to draw, possibly the hardest of all John K. characters. You're doing well with her. I love those sketches, they show a nice range and understanding of the character. Also, the practice drawings from previous post look quite good.

Lynsey said...

Thanks! To me she's one of the easier characters - I'm so used to drawing girls, haha!

I think Jimmy is the toughest. He has a sort of floppiness to him that can look good when a skilled cartoonist draws him, terrible when you haven't yet got the skills/understanding (that's why I don't have any drawings of him up - they all stink!). I guess it's down to the individual

Hammerson said...

You're right about Jimmy! A Spumco artist (can't remember who) said once that only John and Jim Smith are capable of drawing Jimmy without any mistake.
I can do a good copy of Jimmy's original poses and expressions, but I'm still having problems whenever I try something of my own - usually I draw him too contorted and he loses the cuteness and appeal in the final result.

Lynsey said...

Whenever I draw him, I make him look too....intelligent! I can't seem to draw him as the lovable dummy he is.

All this talk of Jimmy is making me want to sit down and put some effort into getting him right!