Thursday, 3 July 2008

George ink

This is a drawing of George John K gave to Amir to practice inking (and like the dirty low-down thief I am I swiped it for my own dark purposes)
Here's Amir's inking of it. I made a point not to properly look at his until after I made my own attempt. Look how great his is!! Super contrasting lines, the nice lttle details...and the shoes! Just compare the feet on Amir's George to mine and you'll see what I mean....

This is my attempt.


ARGH!!! It's like I was afraid of thick lines or something. His feet look like... like... I can't even think of a fitting comparisons for those mushy looking things. And he looks pretty mushy overall.

So...more contrast with lines... and better feet. Let's see how the second one turns out.

Oh, and it took me just under an hour to do.


amir avni said...

Hi Lynsey,
Thanks for the plug!
This drawing was made 10 years ago in John's office at the old Spumco, when they were working on the original George Liquor flash cartoons.

Here's a few pointers:
1. line thickness: think of the overall image before you think of separate lines, the biggest forms such as belly, cranium, jaw, should be thicker than smaller forms.
The heaviest and closest part of a line should be the thickest.
what's closer and heavier will be thick, what's farther and thinner will be thin.
Don't be afraid to stroke thick lines, you can have as many un-dos as you like in Illustrator.

2. change the original as little as possible and maintain forms:
on clearly stated lines, like the belly for example, stroke the same line as John's, the thickness should change, describing the form.
In rougher areas that are not clearly stated, the cleanup artist makes the final line.

3. make sure all the lines are closed, this later goes to click and fill coloring

Anyhow, you do good practice, keep up the good work! =)

Lynsey said...

Thank you for the great advice! I really appreciate it - if you have any other bits of advice or critique, keep 'em coming!

Question: Should I clean up the original drawing in pencil, and put in details in the rougher areas, before I ink it? Or have I misunderstood what you meant?

Anyway, I'll do my best with my next go, with this in mind. Thanks again! ^_^

amir avni said...

>>Question: Should I clean up the original drawing in pencil, and put in details in the rougher areas, before I ink it? Or have I misunderstood what you meant?

Yes, I think it's a good thing to do, Do it only for the roughest areas, like the shoes, the rest of the drawing is clear enough,so you can ink directly from it.
If you trace the whole thing before inking there's a possibility to lose some nuance in the process.

Glad I could help, good luck! :)

btw, did you see my "Froggymooners" comic?

Lynsey said...

I saw it just 5 minutes ago... loved it!! I completely cracked up at the finger-snap/booty-shake action. And I really liked the movement in the drawing of him tossing the plug.

I've never actually seen the Honeymooners...I guess it never really made it to the UK.