Wednesday, 23 July 2008

More Jim Smith Clean-ups

This one was already pretty clean (I think i screwed up on the top of the fridge door though >_<)... there was a little note on the original saying "This is great", and I agree!
Tried to fix the arm and bible on this one
Didn't really like how this one tured out -_-
His mouth kinda confused me here. You can really tell the difference between Jim's beautifully drawn right foot and the left, which I had to draw the toes for.
Thought it might be easier to ink if there was a clear distinction between George and his surroundings.... *shrug*


JMEC said...


Hammerson said...

Those are quite good! George with the Bible is particularly well done (also, great inking of this pose in the previous post). Nice job with Jimmy too... the original was really tricky to interpret :)

I sent you a note on DA with few inking questions. Take a look, and e-mail me when you can.