Thursday, 17 July 2008

'Nother George ink

I love the layout drawings of George on John K's blog - I couldn't resist trying to ink one of them.

Y'know, it's amazing the flaws you notice when you post stuff - namely the thin lines for the legs and feet. Bah, there are probably a load more >_<


Hammerson said...

It looks great to me, with only few minor flaws (shoes and chin should be corrected). Are you going to ink the other layouts?

Lynsey said...

Yup, I agree on the chin thing. Just posted the edited one.

I'm going to try, and maybe give the Jim Smith layouts a try. How about you?

Hammerson said...

Didn't have much time lately. Only yesterday I made few attempts at Jim's layouts with not so great results, so I'm going to try again. You can see those first drawings on my practice blog (and take a look at my regular blog for some new non-Spumco artwork).
Can't wait to see what will you do with Jim's drawings.